Xtreme Car Stunts Driving

Xtreme Car Stunts Driving is a thrilling, amazing and very entertaining simulation game. Sit on the riding seat and prove the outstanding Car control. You will extremely see the thrilling and the exciting challenging tracks and the extreme car riding tricks. Let’s perform nearly impossible and very dangerous rides in this brilliant extreme stunt car driving, Burn your sports car tires while doing stunts and become the king of the tricks.

- - Real Control Physics.
- - Challenging Objectives.
- - Narrow and ramp roads which looks impossible to drive.
- - Immersive and addicting driving ,sharp narrow turns.
- - Stunning realistic graphics, Excellent eye catching animation and graphics.
- - Variety of 3D Camera Views.
- - Foster new skills you didn’t knew you had.
- - Real engine sounds.
- - Ultra Smooth and intelligent control
- - Unique, rough and dangerous stunts

Winter Snow Bus Simulator

You are being assigned to the task to bring passengers safely from their Bus Stop to their destination. In Winter Snow Bus Simulator you take on the role of an real life bus driver working shifts in an offroad snow track.Here you just have to drive carefully to survive and take your tourists to their destination safely Unlike those big city simulators full of traffic, pedestrians and traffic lights where you need to mind the laws of the roads.

- 3D Hilly and mountains Environment.
- Improve your offroad Bus driving skills
- Extremely snowy offroads!
- Offroad big bus and challenging missions

IGI Shooting War

This army commando game on war on terror is designed specially for survival of middle east based village occupied by extreme terrorist groups deadly killing innocent people, You are a real modern military commando trained for wars equipped with deadly assault arms, assault guns and grenades ready to start US army commando war against terrorists extreme killer of common people for nothing.

* Excellent 3D environment
* Fabulous sound effects
* User Friendly GUI and controls
* One man army
* Best First person shooting Action game

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Swat City Fire

Swat City Fire is an action packed first person shooter game where you to take on the role of an elite sniper shooter who is alone and outnumbered with only one option, to defeat all enemies and shoot! Play 50 adrenaline fuelled missions as your sniping skills are put to the test in this intense FPS gunner experience simulator for war lord game lovers.

- 50 intense missions including fighting enemies, attacking enemy camps and getting headshots
- Use a high powered sniper rifle to take down enemy soldiers
- Easy to learn, difficult to master game play makes the game addictive and rewarding
- Shooting weapons, special weapons, heavy weapons, assault rifles, main and auxiliary weapons
- Realistic 3D environment, high quality 3D graphics

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Bowling Splash Star

This is the biggest and newest exciting bowling simulation in which you can test your bowling skills with this fully addictive game.

Do you like to go bowling? If yes, then bowling 3D is unique affective game on android market. This is the great opportunity to bowling player, this awesome and easy game for all sports and bowling game lover. Play the best bowl rolling game in stunning stylized Graphics, thrilling environment and impressive sound effects.

Game Features
• Stunning 3D graphics
• Physics engine for real pin action
• Five extreme bowling locations
• Detail stats tracking
• Amazing sound effects

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Support 24/24:
Email: crazygamesupport@gmail.com
Mobile: +84165 3152935